All in person one on one and makeup services please arrive to your appointment with a clean face, no moisturizer. If possible the night before exfoliate the dead skin from the face as it makes the makeup application more smooth (any face scrub will do the trick). Please have your brows groomed or I can razor clean them. If you have a desired look just text it and I can try to duplicate the look. It’s more helpful to find someone in your same skin complexion when sending inspiration pics.

I’m located downtown Greensboro so parking can be hectic. Please give yourself atleast 5-10 extra minutes to find parking. There is a late fee of $2 per minute up until 15 minutes. At the 15 minute mark the appointment is cancelled with no deposit refund given. To book again in the future full payment would be required.

If after booking an appointment you need to reschedule, full payment for the service will be required before another appointment is given. 

All deposits are non-refundable-they act as a place holder for time. 

The building is pictured below.“The Guilford Building” The door is locked on weekends. I will be downstairs waiting for you at the time of your scheduled appointment. If your appointment is during normal business hours 9am-5:30pm please sign in at the front desk. Dusk to Dawn Cosmetics studio is located on the second floor- suite 227. As you get off the elevator-look right and you will see all the pink💕