Price $500

Annual Touchup $85

1.5 years touch up $150

After 2 years it is no longer considered a touch up $500



Microshading is done with a tattoo machine and semi permanent ink. It  can last anywhere from 1.5 to 3 years  depending on skin type. Oiler skin makes pigment fade faster.

You are not a suitable candidate if you answer yes to any of the following questions:

Are you pregnant? Breastfeeding? On any blood thinning medications? Under 19? Facial Keloids? Diabetic? Chemo/Radiation/Accutane in the last 12 months? Taking Aspirin daily Immunosuppressed/immune compromised? Low iron to which supplements are required? Diagnosed skin conditions in and around brow area (psoriasis, eczema, cold sores, acne) Excessively dry skin in brow (flakey, patchy)

If you have a major life event coming up in the near future (i.e. wedding ceremony ) or are experiencing a stressful period in your life, semi permanent changes in your appearance are not recommended. Patience and maturity is required through the healing process as semi permanent changes to ones appearance can be emotional and exciting.

It is required that you remain still and quiet for approximately 60 minutes during the procedure. Bathroom breaks, phone calls, text messages should be avoided during this period. I encourage you to bring headphones and a light jacket) 

Microshading is a 2 step process and you must wait at least 6-8 weeks in between the two procedures (no exceptions)

If you have existing permanent makeup on your brows your procedure will be considered a correction and you will be charged full price. Dusk to Dawn does not “touch up” others artists work. 

To ensure best retention and less frequent touch ups for your skin type, please follow all instructions prior to your appointment.

No Botox/Fillers/Tanning/Acid Peels/AHA/Retin A/Anti-aging products/Sunburns two weeks before appointment.

3 Days before your brow appointment-No blood thinning/anti coagulant medication, vitamins and supplements, OMEGAS, herbal/green/detox teas/skinny tea, NSAIDs(ibuprofen, naproxen, aspirin, Coumadin etc) consult physician if these have been prescribed. Also be mindful of natural blood thinners such as turmeric, garlic, etc. STOP ALL SUPPLEMENTS (pills/powders/oils/teas), NSAIDS (naproxen, Advil, aspirin, etc.) AND ANY BLOOD THINNING MEDICATION. If you are excessively bleeding during procedure, appointment will be cut short, deposit will be forfeited and you will need to be booked at a later date. Tylenol is fine to take prior to appointment. If you are still unsure about a medication check with your local pharmacy to ensure it doesn’t have any blood thinning properties.

Please have brows threaded, waxed or plucked 1 week prior to appointment. No sooner than one week. 

No alcohol three days before. No vitamins, no caffeine (coffee, tea and soda) and no working out 3 days prior to procedure. All of the above causes excessive bleeding and will result in poor retention and possible infection. 

Appointments at Dusk to Dawn are scheduled back to back. If arriving more than 10 minutes late deposit will be forfeited and appointment will need to be scheduled for a later date and another deposit must be paid.

Cancellation policy: All deposits are non-refundable. 72 hours notice must be given for any cancellations. If less than 72 hours notice is given, deposit will be forfeited and full payment (non refundable) for the procedure will be required upon rescheduling. Appointments may be rescheduled only once if more than 72 hours notice is given. After one reschedule deposit is lost. 

Although we love friends, family and children, they may not accompany you to the appointment. Full concentration from the artist is required.

All services are non-refundable with no exceptions under any circumstance.

Below is an example of the process: The process isn’t pretty! You’ll love your brows for the first few days. They will get very dark, then they will begin to peel, then they will turn grey! During the grey stage you can loose all the color for a few days, then the color will come back—this is ALL normal. This process takes 14 days so you must be patient. Some clients are done with this whole process within a week and others like myself take the entire 14 days.You come back after 6-8 weeks for round two and do this same process all over. This is a two step process. 

All deposits are non refundable and not transferable. They must be made 14 days before the appointment.


Following your procedure, your technician will apply healing balm to your brows to help close the wound and stop any residual bleeding or lymphatic drainage.  The night of your brow service blot with a wipe every hour until bedtime. The following morning rinse and cleanse your brows with the provided  cleanser.  Cleanse your brows twice a day (morning & night) using small circular motion. Do not press too hard as this can loosen the scabs and cause them to fall off prematurely. 

You may experience swelling that can be managed with a Tylenol and soft gel ice pack. Place chilled gel ice packs (in refrigerator only) in a plastic bag before applying to protect the microshaded area from any moisture. The following day your brows will appear darker or may show some redness. This is normal. As the brows enter the natural healing process, the color intensity will change. 


As the skin starts the natural healing process, you may experience some flaking and/or scabbing. Picking or peeling any flakes or scabs can cause loss of implanted pigment and scarring. Refrain from touching the microshaded area with your hands.


Pools, jacuzzis, tanning, excess sweating, facials, and saunas should be avoided for a period of at least 10 days or until microshaded area is fully healed. Skin creams and products containing Retin-A, AHA, or any kind of skin peel must ever not be used directly on the microshaded area as they will fade and possibly distort your brows. Sun blocks should always be applied to the healed microshaded area (SPF 60 recommended) when staying out in the sun for an extended period of time. Until your brows are healed, when washing your face, refrain from using soaps and creams on the microshaded areas. When showering or bathing, avoid putting your face directly under the shower stream.  Until your brows are healed, wear a brimmed hat in the sun. 


The color immediately after microshading will appear very sharp, dark, and “large” but will soften, fade, and “shrink” considerably as the healing processes concludes.  Your new brows will be complete and you can expect to see your final appearance up to 4 weeks after your final touch-up visit.


Taking Plan B Contraceptive within the first 7 days of your procedure will result in 100% loss of pigment!!!

When having laser treatments such as laser hair removal, you MUST tell the service provider that you have micropigmentation. THEY MUST BE COVERED!  If they are not covered, your BROWS can hyperpigmentate and turn black.  This cannot be repaired or covered!